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Corporate Finance
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Cleaves is a privately owned ship broking and independent financial services group of companies with a 40 year history focusing on shipping, offshore, energy, commercial real estate and financial services.

Cleaves Securities AS is a financial services provider offering a range of investment banking activities.


  • Corporate and Project Finance

  • Mergers & Acquisition

  • Debt and Equity Funding
  • Restructuring

  • Limited Partnerships (KS/DIS)

  • Secondhand Transactions

  • Investment Advice

Ship Broking

Cleaves Shipbroking AS has more than 40 years of accumulated experience in the shipping sector and offer deep industry knowledge

  • Analytics team covering all shipping & offshore sectors

  • Strategic industry advisory

  • Ship and company valuation

  • Broking services


Cleaves Management AS comprise administration of the respective investment companies facilitated by Cleaves Securities, as well as services to our clients. 

  • Business Management

  • Investor relation services

  • Monitoring corporate governance in projects 

  • Facilitate second-hand transactions of shares in existing projects

Cleaves Securities is authorized by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway 


About us

Cleaves comprise a privately held ship broking firm and a financial services group, with a 40 year history. Our head office is in Oslo, Norway with a branch in New York/Stamford, USA, and  affiliated companies in London and in Singapore.



New York / Stamford
Frøyas gate 15
0273 Oslo
Phone: +47 21 60 88 00
Email: Marine@cleaves.no
One Stamford Plaza, 9th floor
Stamford CT 06901
Phone: +1 203 564 1444
Email: sr@cleaves.no
3 Temasek Avenue
#34-16, Centennial Tower
Singapore 039190
Phone: +65 65 49 73 91
Email: il@cleaves.no

Frøyas Gate 15

0273 Oslo


Phone: +47 21 60 88 00